Why Leaderwork?

In the world of business, having a guiding hand that’s worked through real challenges can be a game-changer. We’re that hand. We’re a collective of seasoned executives who’ve journeyed through the ebbs and flows of commerce, always with an eye on results through leaders and leadership.

Our 12 LeaderWork Principles aren’t just concepts; they’re proven practices and strategies derived from years of real-world application. We recognize the unique demands of small to mid-sized businesses, and our expertise is tailored to bring clarity and drive results

LeaderWork is more than just a consultancy. We’re partners in your growth journey, combining heartfelt advice with a results-driven approach. With us, you get the best of both worlds: the experience of a trusted advisor and the assurance of proven business strategies.

How We Came to Be

Our roots stretch back to 1987 with the founding of Delta Management in Portland, OR by a handful of executives and practitioners from Hay Consulting Group. They developed a system called GainManagement; GainPlanning, GainMaking and GainSharing. A major component of the process was the development of leaders with the skills to plan and make gains in productivity such that there were gains to be shared. In 1990 the American Management Association (AMACOM) published GainManagment, a book coauthored by Robert Doyle and Paul Doyle.

Over the next 20 years Paul Doyle refined the leadership lessons developed from Delta and ultimately implemented the LeaderWork 12 as the standard for leadership development when he was appointed CEO of GHSP, a tier 1 automotive supplier.

In 2014, Delta Management changed its name to LeaderWork LLC and kicked off the first public LW10 session in conjunction with the GVSU Seidman School of Business. Over the following decade, LeaderWork held multiple leadership cohorts and by 2021 had trained and coached over 350 leaders. In 2022, we also expanded the LW10 framework to include “Adult to Adult” communication and finance – this made it the LeaderWork 12.

Headshot of Paul Doyle

What We Value


Growth comes from learning, and learning is best with a guiding hand. Our team is made of people who’ve been there and done that. We believe in coaching, not just advising. With us, leaders get the real-world tools and support they need. Together, we help both individuals and the whole organization succeed.


We place the needs of others first. We are men and women for others – our experience has taught us to do our work with humility, empathy, and respect. This focus on service is deeply rooted in our extensive careers, where we’ve grappled with the very challenges other leaders face. Empathy that comes from this experience is the bedrock of our working relationships.


We’ve done it. What we teach and coach is from the school of hard knocks. While grounded in the best theories of leadership, we design all training and support around the practical application of work techniques to achieve meaningful results. We provide coaching that is relevant, useful, and customized to your situation.


“Team” is a commitment internally and with all our partners. It is a culture of shared responsibility, communication, and support for individual and team achievement.

Our Team

All our team members have been there and done that. Kind of like Top Gun, we invite the best of the best back to teach.

Looking to Learn More?

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