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Strategic Plan Facilitation

One Page Plan / 1PP

LeaderWork’s 1PP strategic planning engages your leadership team to tackle critical business decisions, setting clear goals, identifying key processes, comprehensive SWOT analysis, analyzing data, organizing a one page strategic plan, aligning department and team goals and actions to implement the plan, and regularly reviewing and evolving it.

The coach provides guidance, support, and accountability to help the company or team achieve their goals and create a clear and actionable plan. The process aims to drive the success of the business or organization by creating a strategic plan that outlines the vision, business definition, values, goals, and key strategies for achieving them. The focus is on creating a plan that is simple, concise, and easy to communicate to all stakeholders.


The complexity of a company’s planning process should match the needs of the market in which they compete, and you can implement the LW 1PP at many levels of complexity. At the highest level, this could mean a very simple document that focuses just on aligning vision, values, KPIs and principal goals for the quarter and year ahead. At the most in-depth level, this could mean a multi-faceted document that also includes culture assessment, talent mapping, business model, competitive analysis, market based product plans, detailed process evaluation, three year plans and much more.

It still fits on one page, but the font is a little smaller!

Whatever level you need, we’ll work with you as facilitators and coaches to establish an approach that’s challenging but pragmatic and achievable for your team. 

Quarterly Planning Facilitation

Coaching for quarterly planning begins with the understanding that planning is a rolling process and not a once a year event. Each quarter expectations are set, achieved or not, the market evolves and lessons are learned. The Quarterly Supportive Review (QSR) is a process that includes reviewing the previous quarter’s performance, setting clear goals, identifying key initiatives, assigning responsibilities, creating an action plan, implementing the plan, and reviewing and adjusting at the end of the quarter.

The coach provides definition, motivation, support, and accountability to help achieve the goals and drive the success of the business or organization. The focus is on creating a flexible, adaptable, and responsive plan that ensures the business stays on track and achieves its objectives. The process creates a structured approach to achieve goals within a specific time frame and ensure continuous improvement.

Weekly Team Meeting Coaching

Coaching for weekly management team meetings in business involves defining the purpose and objectives, setting the agenda, establishing guidelines, conducting the meeting, and regularly reviewing and adjusting the process. The coach provides guidance, support, and accountability to help achieve the goals and drive the success of the business or organization. The outcome is an efficient and effective weekly management team meeting process that aligns the team, tracks progress, resolves issues, and improves team performance, leading to improved business outcomes.

Daily Huddle Coaching

Daily touch points with team members have the effect of building the team and ensuring top priorities are known and supported. We’ll help you create a structured and efficient daily huddle process that enhances team collaboration, communication, and accountability, resulting in improved team performance and business outcomes. The daily routine brings your team together, focuses on priorities, and fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

KPI & Flash Reporting Consulting

Coaching for KPIs and flash reports in business management involves defining critical KPIs, setting achievable targets, developing a real-time flash report, analyzing data, and integrating the data into proper management team processes. The process aligns the KPIs and flash reports with the business’s objectives, provides timely and relevant information, and enables data-driven decision-making. Quality metrics create a culture of continuous improvement and performance management, leading to improved business outcomes and sustained success.

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