Leader Development

LeaderWork 12 Cohort

Everything we do starts with an understanding of the LeaderWork 12. More than a class, the LeaderWork 12 sits at the center of our business paradigm. These twelve competencies are focused not on changing what you know, but on changing what you do.

AddITIONAL Leader Development Services

Individual Coaching

Leadership one-on-one coaching is a personalized and focused approach to leadership development. Our coaching program engages leaders of all levels to enhance their leadership skills using the structure of the LeaderWork 12 in alignment with the expectations of the company. Our experienced coaches work with leaders to identify their unique strengths, challenges, and development areas and provide customized guidance and support to help them achieve their full potential. The program offers a confidential and supportive environment, where leaders can discuss their challenges, get objective feedback, and receive actionable advice to help them achieve their goals.

Survey-Guided Development

The LeaderWork 12 Survey is a proprietary tool that provides 360 feedback on the skills taught in the LeaderWork program. Survey-guided development is a comprehensive approach that assesses leadership skills and identifies development needs before, during and after engagement to focus development on the practices that matter. Our coaching approach is practical, action-oriented, and tailored to each leader’s needs, enabling them to enhance their leadership skills and achieve better business outcomes.

First Time / Frontline Leadership

Too often frontline leaders are placed into a position with no understanding of the distinction between doing the work and leading it. This 5 day program is a hands-on manufacturing simulation designed for people new to leadership or soon to be promoted. The program is designed to teach leaders the lean practices of pull systems, value stream, standard work, and the basics of budgeting and finance. It also teaches communication and conflict resolution, planning and goal setting, measurements and controls, team meeting and problem solving / continuous improvement.

LEAN Manufacturing Training

The three-day Lean Manufacturing Training Program using a manufacturing business simulation is a hands-on training approach that focuses on developing skills in lean manufacturing principles, tools, and techniques. The program includes a business simulation that mimics real-world manufacturing processes, enabling participants to identify and eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and increase quality.

“Adult to Adult” Communications Training

Our comprehensive series of Adult-to-Adult Communications trainings equip individuals with the necessary communication skills to build better relationships and achieve better outcomes in both personal and professional settings. The program, built on transactional analysis theory, includes a series of workshops, assessments, and coaching sessions delivered over time to help participants develop and master adult to adult communication skills.

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