How We Serve Clients

Leader Development

The core of all our programs is the content in the LeaderWork 12 Series. Beyond that, we offer individual coaching on a variety of structured programs to help leaders to sharpen the diverse competencies necessary to succeed. Services include:

  • The LeaderWork 12 Cohort
  • LeaderWork 12 Individual Units
  • Individual Leadership Coaching
  • Survey-Guided Development
  • First-time Leader Development
  • LEAN Simulation Training
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Executive Leader Development

Looking for breakthrough growth in your executive team or board? Organizations large and small trust our team for the insights and processes you need. Services include:

  • Executive 1:1 Coaching
  • Executive Team Coaching
  • Board Selection & Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Executive & Management
  • Due Diligence & Auditing

Corporate Culture

Drucker famously quipped that “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” pointing to the organizational inertia that will either make or break your best laid strategic plans. Reshaping that inertia means listening and carefully engaging your team in change. We can help you with:

  • Values Discovery & Communication
  • Culture / Engagement Survey-Guided Development
  • Corporate Communications Systems
  • Motivation and Incentive Design
  • “Adult to Adult” Comms & Conflict Resolution Training

Strategic Planning

We help organizations accelerate growth and transformation through a distinct one-page-planning process, meeting rhythm and structured accountability. Elements of our strategic planning services include:

  • Strategic Plan Design and Facilitation (One Page Plan / 1PP)
  • Quarterly Planning Design and Facilitation
  • Weekly Team Meeting Design and Coaching
  • Daily Huddle Design and Coaching
  • KPI and Flash Reporting Consulting

Team Building

We help leaders build high-performing teams that know their purpose, exceed their goals and collaborate seamlessly with other teams in their organization. Services we employ toward those goals include:

  • Team Building
  • Team Measurement, Reporting and Transparency
  • Survey-Guided Team Development
  • “Adult to Adult” Comms & Conflict Resolution Training

Speaking Engagements

Engage one of our experienced coaches and thought leaders to present on a range of topics for your next conference, leadership or team building event.

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