Corporate Culture

Values-Discovery & Communication

Corporate and team values discovery process is a process of identifying and clarifying the values that underpin an organization’s culture, as well as the values that guide individual teams within the organization. Values can either be part of the nice sounding brand and PR messaging or they can truly be the foundation for business growth. We only work on the second type. The process involves engaging with employees, leaders, and other stakeholders to identify the core values that are most important to the organization and its various teams.

The process may include workshops, surveys, and other methods of gathering input and feedback. Once the values have been identified, we can help you to institutionalize the values into all company processes and rally your team around them. Once understood and articulated in a clear and concise manner, we’ll help you establish processes for ensuring your values are lived out day-to-day and communicated regularly with stakeholders.

Culture / Engagement Survey-Guided Development

The process for survey-guided culture development is a systematic approach to understanding and improving an organization’s culture through the use of surveys and feedback. The process typically involves customizing the LeaderWork Culture Survey to the company and administering surveys to employees to gather data on their perceptions of the organization’s culture, including its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

The survey results are then analyzed to identify patterns and trends, and to develop corporate level initiatives and team-based action plans for continuous improvement. Ultimately, the survey-guided culture development process can help organizations to create a more positive and productive work environment, enhance employee engagement and retention, and improve overall organizational performance.

“Adult to Adult” Communications Training

Adult to adult communication and conflict resolution is a process grounded in transactional analysis, which emphasizes the importance of communicating from the “adult” ego state – a mode of communication characterized by rationality, respect, and responsibility. This approach involves recognizing and managing one’s own emotions, practicing active listening, and clarifying needs and expectations to resolve conflicts and build a foundation of trust and mutual respect.

Adult to adult communication leads to more effective communication, better understanding, and improved relationships in personal and professional settings.

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