Executive Leader Development Services

Executive one-on-one coaching

It is lonely at the top, we’ve been there and done that. Even the top executives benefit form sharing concerns, brainstorming new ideas and having a safe place to vent. Executive leader coaching involves working one-on-one with a coach who provides guidance, feedback, and support to help individuals identify and overcome their specific challenges. The coaching relationship is built on trust and confidentiality, and coaches use a variety of tools and techniques to help executives develop their self-awareness, communication skills, decision-making abilities, and emotional intelligence. Through regular meetings and goal-setting, executive coaching can help individuals clarify their goals, develop strategies for success, and ultimately become more effective leaders in their organizations.

Executive team coaching

Executive team coaching is a process to improve the collective performance and effectiveness of a team of executives working together in an organization. Unlike individual coaching, executive team coaching focuses on the interactions and dynamics among team members rather than just the skills and abilities of individual leaders.

The coach works with the team to identify areas of improvement, assess key processes, clarify roles and responsibilities, and develop strategies for effective communication and collaboration. Through ongoing coaching sessions and team-building activities, executive team coaching can help build trust, improve decision-making, and align the team around shared goals and values.

Board Selection & Development

Board of Directors selection and development coaching is a process designed to improve the effectiveness and performance of an organization’s board. It begins with a review of the purpose of the board, its makeup, processes and relationship to the executive team. The coach works with the board members and executive staff to identify areas of improvement, key processes, clarify roles and responsibilities, and develop strategies for effective communication and decision-making.

Board development coaching may involve individual coaching for board members, as well as group coaching sessions and team-building activities. The coach may also provide structured feedback, training and support to help board members better understand their roles and responsibilities, as well as their performance relative to the organization’s mission and values.

Succession Planning

Executive succession planning helps organizations identify and develop potential leaders who can take over critical leadership roles when current executives retire, resign or leave. The process involves identifying key positions and developing a talent pipeline of internal and external potential successors, assessing and developing the skills and competencies of potential candidates, and creating development plans to prepare them for future leadership roles.

Succession planning needs ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the process remains effective and adaptable to changing circumstances. Ultimately, effective executive succession planning can help organizations maintain continuity, stability, and momentum in leadership, while also promoting growth and development for potential leaders within the organization.

Leadership Diligence & Auditing

Often completed as part of a merger, acquisition, or just for continuous improvement, Due Diligence of executive team members and leadership processes involves gathering and analyzing information to ensure that a company’s leadership team is capable and effective in meeting the organization’s goals and objectives. The process typically involves reviewing the qualifications, experience, and performance of current and potential executive team members, as well as evaluating the organization’s leadership practices and processes.

Due diligence may also include assessing the organization’s culture, values, and ethical standards to ensure that they align with the company’s mission and goals. Ultimately, due diligence for executive team members and leadership processes is critical to ensuring that an organization has the right leadership in place to drive success and achieve its strategic objectives.

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