Team Building

LeaderWork 12 Build Team Program

Our deep dive into the Build Team Section of the LeaderWork 12 is a comprehensive program designed to develop key competencies for building high-performing teams. The program includes workshops, assessments, and coaching sessions that cover essential skills such as vision, strategy, servant leadership, KPIs, training and development, member to member communication, trust-building, conflict resolution.

Our experienced coaches provide personalized guidance and support to help participants develop their skills in these areas and apply them in real-world scenarios. The program includes team-building exercises, case studies, simulations, and coaching sessions that enable participants to apply the concepts and techniques in a practical and actionable manner. The program equips participants with the knowledge and skills to build high-performing teams and drive better business outcomes.

Team Measurement, Reporting and Transparency

Coaching to Measures and Controls in a Work Team is a program designed to improve team performance through effective KPISs. The program focuses on identifying KPIs, implementing processes to track progress, conducting regular performance assessments, use of measures in performance reviews and providing personalized coaching and feedback to team members.

The program provides a practical and results-driven approach to improving team performance, enabling teams to work towards common goals and achieve better business outcomes.

Survey-Guided Team Development

The Survey Guided Team Development program is a comprehensive approach to team development that assesses team dynamics against a rubric of ideal conditions to identify areas for improvement. Our experienced coaches then guide the team through a customized development plan that includes specific actions and milestones to address the team’s areas of improvement.

Adult to Adult Communications & Conflict Resolution

The Adult to Adult Team Development program is designed to enhance team communication, collaboration, and performance using the principles of Transactional Analysis. The program includes workshops, assessments, and coaching sessions to help team members understand and apply Transactional Analysis concepts in their interactions with others. Participants develop communication skills, build better relationships, and learn how to identify and overcome barriers to performance.

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