Dave Jerovsek

Partner & Coach
Dave Jerovsek has over 30 years of leadership and electronic/mechatronic systems knowledge with product-based and high-volume manufacturing operations experience. Dave’s experience stretches across a diversity of markets such as automotive, appliance, marine and commercial vehicles.
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Dave is the CEO at UV Angel, a Grand Haven, MI-based producer of upper air disinfection solutions focused around a holistic approach to creating healthy workspaces.
Prior to his current role, Dave served at GHSP, an automotive supplier also in Grand Haven, where he has held domestic and global responsibilities ranging from General Manager Electronics Operations, Vice President of Operations, and President- North America and Emerging Markets. Dave has greatly impacted all levels of organizations by leading teams through significant cultural and core-competency technology changes, resulting in record growth. In addition to 30+ years of relative industry experience, Dave holds an AS Degree in Electronics Technology, and BBA in Financial Analysis & Business Leadership from Baker College.