Philip Kalamaros

Partner & Coach
Phil Kalamaros is a seasoned civil litigator, mediator, and business advisor with over thirty-five years of legal practice in Indiana and Michigan. His extensive experience spans thousands of cases in state and federal courts and administrative agencies, where his expertise in navigating complex legal landscapes has been proven time and again.
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Beyond the courtroom, Phil is deeply invested in the legal community as an educator and thought leader. He has enriched the profession through regular contributions as a speaker, author, and instructor, sharing his wealth of knowledge and passion for legal excellence.

A trailblazer in alternative dispute resolution, Phil was among the early adopters of mediation in Indiana, shaping the practice through his involvement in various ADR events since 1992. His role as a registered mediator underscores his dedication to collaborative and constructive resolution processes.

In the boardroom, Phil counsels business leaders on strategic planning, structure, succession, and risk management. He helps leaders plan for their success with experience gained from three and a half decades of problem solving for his clients.

Professional Activities

Phil’s commitment to leadership extends into the college classroom, where he shapes future minds, teaching business law, business communication, and small business management. His teaching goes beyond the textbook, focusing on the cultivation of leadership qualities in his students by contextualizing business principles with real life situations.

At LeaderWork, Phil brings his legal prowess and leadership insights to the forefront, guiding individuals and organizations through the intricacies of leadership with the same precision and clarity that has marked his legal career