Headshot of Mark Litke from SoundOff

Mark Litke

Partner & Coach
Mark Litke is an experienced executive business leader who has served West Michigan organizations such as Donnelly, Lear-Donnelly, Holland Neway, Hines Corp and SoundOff Signal. Mark has specialized expertise in product development/Innovation, project management, product management, business development and strategic planning.
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Professional Activities

Mark is passionate about helping organizations achieve significant growth through innovation in product and process, a culture which drives outstanding customer service and development/execution of a strategic plan across the entire organization through a great leadership team.


Mark earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering and an MBA with emphasis on marketing and finance. He is married and has two children who also work in leadership roles. Mark enjoys applying his passion for positive change through organizations like JEM, Hope College CFL programming and LeaderWork. In his free time, he enjoys golf, boating and time with the family.