Pete Brand

Partner & Coach
Pete Brand's entrepreneurial journey began with a simple, yet profound childhood ambition—to create a company where work and play are indistinguishable, and colleagues are friends. This vision materialized with the inception of MINDSCAPE, a digital marketing agency that stands as a testament to Pete's belief in the power of camaraderie and innovation. His leadership from 2001 to 2023 saw the agency defy industry turnover rates, maintain an average tenure and grew from nothing a significant player in the digital marketing space. This speaks volumes about its nurturing work environment.
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Pete’s entrepreneurial education commenced at Aquinas College but quickly transitioned to the real world, where he learned the ropes of business firsthand. Under his stewardship, MINDSCAPE garnered multiple accolades, including the Small Business of the Year and recognition on the Inc 5000 list, reflecting the agency’s growth and Pete’s evolving vision. In 2023, Pete’s path led him to LeaderWork, where he now serves as a partner, applying his extensive experience to guide the company’s strategic direction.

Pete’s own development as a business leader was significantly shaped by his time as a mentee in the Jandernoa Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program. The insights and guidance he received there culminated in him being honored with the Jerry Scott Leadership Award, a milestone that underscores the value of mentorship in his career.

Professional Activities

Pete’s engagement with the community and his efforts in initiatives like the Google Fiber for Grand Rapids bid have not gone unnoticed. His receipt of the Champion of Leadership Award by the Grand Rapids Center for Community Leadership reflects his commitment to the city’s growth and prosperity, though not directly tied to mentoring, it represents his broader impact on leadership and community initiatives.

Pete Brand’s professional narrative is not just about the successes of MINDSCAPE or the accolades that followed. It’s a chronicle of a lifelong learner who values relationships and community engagement as much as business achievements. His story is a reminder that while awards and recognition are milestones, the true measure of success is the impact one has on the lives of others and the communities they serve.